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November 2016

  • balloons-388973_1920

    Walk it off

    Challenges, Motivation Monday

    Happy Motivation Monday! One tiny bit of my coaching practice that I love is helping clients dig deep to find what motivates them. I am very challenge oriented and love to…

  • Girl Vs. City took a motorcycle roadtrip through India - find out more at

    Growing guladaudee

    Photography Stories, Travel

    This photo. Whenever I see it, I get chills. I will never forget this day, her smile, those flowers, or how bad my ass hurt. I took this photo in a…

  • What is Lifestlye Design? Girl Vs. City weighs in -

    What is lifestyle design?


    I am an internationally certified Lifestyle Design Coach. If I could get a penny for everytime some asks me what Lifestyle Design means, well, I may be a wee bit closer…

  • What is a life coach? Girl Vs. City explains at

    What is a life coach?


    One of the questions that I frequently get asked when people find out what I do is, ‘What is a Life Coach?’ After I explain what I do, it’s often followed…

  • Girl Vs. City returns! Join in on the fun at

    The Return

    Coaching, Funday Friday

    Why, hello there my darling friend! What’s that? Girl Vs. City is back in action? Yes, yes I am and I am so thrilled to be in front of you again.…

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