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What is a life coach?

One of the questions that I frequently get asked when people find out what I do is, ‘What is a Life Coach?’ After I explain what I do, it’s often followed by, “Why would I need one?”

I love to be asked these questions and I love to answer them.

Sometimes, it’s easier to say what a Life Coach is not. We are not therapists, psychologist, or medical professionals. We do not diagnose, we do not medicate, we do not fix broken pieces or deal with mental illnesses.

Occasionally, we help people put broken pieces together to complete a goal, but we do not assess their broken pieces or advise them on how to approach their broken pieces. Sometimes, we do partner with Psychologists, Therapists, Nutritionalists, or other medical professionals that can provide services our clients need.

Life Coaches work with our clients as accountability partners, helping them to find the solutions and path to make their goals a reality. Our clients know they want something more from their life: a better job, to be self-employed, to embrace a healthier lifestyle, to take the next steps on their life plan, sometimes, just to create a life plan!

As accountability partners, we are here to help you discover exactly what you want and how you want to accomplish this. We do not push you to do anything you are uncomfortable with, but we will encourage you to take small steps towards expanding your efforts. A good Life Coach will always be in your corner, we will always be your biggest cheerleader, and we will always be your dose of reality when you need it the most. Most importantly, we provide you a safe place free of judgement to give a good, hard, honest look at what exactly you want to achieve.

My specialty and certification is in Lifestyle Design and Goal Achievement. I work with people who want to create the life of their dreams and are tired of wishing and waiting for change. I help them to define their goals, create realistic short-term goals that will add up to the eventual dream goal, and work as their success partner. I explain Lifestyle Design more in this blog.

As a Goal Achievement Coach, I focus on authors who are not satisfied with the success of their book. We look at what they have done, what we can adjust on their current actions, and what we can add or delete from their workflow. I help authors work smarter, save time, organize, automate, and see the results that they want.

What questions do you have about Life Coaches? Leave them in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to answer any questions for you!




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