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5 Reasons You Need A Life Coach


Welcome to my first Motivation Monday of 2017!

I know many of you are tidying up your resolutions, goals, and business plans. Some of you are looking at a long list of what you want to accomplish this year and you may be feeling overwhelmed. Where do you start? How do you start? How do you prioritize or even take the steps to incorporate everything you want to do with your already hectic schedule?

If you are seeking the answers to these questions, you may consider working with a life coach. Here are five reasons why you need a life coach.

  1. Niche Speciality: If you want to be a figure skater, you aren’t going to hire a football coach. Sure, you could research how to skate online, watch some YouTube videos, and wing it on the ice until you get better. Or, you could save yourself time and hire a coach who knows what they’re doing, how to guide you, how to look at what you’re doing and will give you a plan of action to tweak your challenges into positive action. A life coach will do the same. Most of us have selected niches that we work in and we work with clients that only need that specific service. I am internationally certified in Lifestyle Design and Goal Achievement. With Lifestyle Design, my clients want a different life. They are big dreamers, often creatives dominated by right brain thinking, who have a picture in their head of what they want but aren’t sure how to get there. With Goal Achievement, I work with specifically with authors who are either launching their book or want to relaunch their book to greater success. We work together to create a strong author platform, find the right readers, increase visibility, and grow sales.
  2. Accountability: People fail because they don’t plan. They set a goal with no visible path for how to get where they want to be. This is also an extremely daunting task. When I first started working with authors, I would ask what their goals are before asking what to see their business plan. Less than 3% of authors that I work with will turn around and hand me a business plan. At first I found this shocking – but I came to realize we are a culture of goals and we go into them blind. People talk about goals but they don’t often talk about how they achieved them. They inspire people but don’t set a path. This is okay, it’s not the fault of achievers that they don’t divulge their secrets, but it is a problem with those they inspire. If you have seeds planted and they take root enough to create action, even just one step forward, you need to create a blueprint. And, while we’re at it, let’s be honest. Hard work is hard work and sometimes, it’s just easier to throw in the towel and say, “To hell with it!”
  3. Education and Experience: Coaches certify in a niche where they carry strong levels of experience. For example, I have a strong interest in nutrition and exercise. However, I have no professional experience or education in these areas. I would not work in this field because I would only be doing my clients a disservice. Likewise, while part of Lifestyle Design may involve changing careers or starting a business, I don’t work specifically with career development. Whereas some coaches may specialize in career change and develop lengthy plans to help their clients switch careers, I work at this stage with clients who already have the potential to take the necessary steps and are confident in their decisions to do so. I specialize my Goal Achievement certification with authors because I own a boutique micro-publisher, I have studied author success and the author platform in-depth for my MPW, and I am truly passionate about uncovering the potential that every author has hidden away.
  4. Refinement of Existing Skills: Around 45% of my clients have the skills they need to reach their goals – but what stops them is insecurity and doubt. With a coach, we will push you to refine your skills and find the confidence in your daily activities. My goal is to make you comfortable and confident – by the time our training sessions come to a close, you will not only be able to tackle the goals we set together but goals you will create utilizing the same steps, plan, and skills. If you feel your skills aren’t up to par, you will know how to identify your weaknesses and how to tackle your challenges quickly.
  5. A Judgement Free Zone: You see it everyday – people proudly announce their goals and projects and if you are like many other people, you may begin to judge whether or not that person has the tools and discipline to make it happen. You may be hedging your bets on how long before they give up and announce something new. Or, you may feel that you can’t progress in your life because everyone around you is judging you and waiting for you to fail. With a Life Coach, we are your partner. We know how to push you, how to dig deep and hear what you won’t tell us, and we do everything without judgement. When you hire a coach, think of us as an extension of your positive conscience. We only want to see you succeed, we won’t judge your challenges or stumbles, and we will take every hurdle as a lesson to make you stronger.

If you have set strong goals for yourself this year, make them happen. It’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to seek guidance, and it is okay to acknowledge that you might be stronger with a partner. We have been trained extensively by accredited centers on how to help you through your hurdles. Being a life coach isn’t just a fancy addition to our resume because we wanted to make up a job title – we have worked for it!

Have you ever worked with a coach before? Leave your thoughts or experiences below. If you feel it’s time to take the next steps forward, I am ready to help you meet your dreams head on!


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