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Motivation Monday: Setting Up Short Term Goals

Welcome to a new #MotivationMonday!

A few weeks ago, I told you why I wasn’t making any New Year’s Resolutions. I also dropped some free printables at the bottom of that blog to help you with daily planning and monthly goals. Are you using these? I would love to know if they are helping you, or what features you would like on future printables!

This month, I decided to drop the small printable and make my goals large enough to constantly be in my face. Due to my past life as a professional pattern maker, I have a large roll of white paper in my office/studio. I use this to play with the neighbor kids, to draw book covers, for dinner party table covers, etc. This week, as I stated just a second ago, I tore off a large piece made a goal list that cannot be ignored.

I tend to over goal myself –  I think I can build Rome in a week. This is a constant challenge I know many of us face: what I can actually accomplish vs. what I want to eventually accomplish.

I decided that February would be less about goals and more about rebuilding habits that found themselves casualties of a medically challenging 2016. It takes 28 days to build a habit. What a coincidence! February just so happens to have 28 days. If this doesn’t scream kismet, well, I don’t know what else does in the world of habit building.

Here is a small shot of my very messy and not so aesthetically pleasing February habit building list:

Building habits, one day at a time -

This goal chart isn’t pretty by any means. Just because you don’t create something worthy of Pinterest and internet envy doesn’t mean you can’t create a visual for your goals. For future months, I may sass it up a bit, but for this month, I just want something loud and attention grabbing to remind me that I have things to do every single day. Some of these goals are to be done every single day, some are to be done only a few times per week and that is why they do not have numbers that represent every single day.

It may look like quite a few habits to build but they intertwine and are all part of my single largest goal for this first quarter: regain my health.

To achieve this first quarter goal, I am rebuilding small habits each month. What you see above is my first blueprint in my overall plan – small goals that are not only doable, they join together to create a larger impact.

When you take a large goal and break it down, you will find yourself sticking to a plan. It’s simple psychology – the more you achieve, the more you continue moving forward. If you set a goal and then take the time to plan each step towards that goal, you will be surrounded by positive energy and success while nudging yourself closer to your main wish.

In the comments, I would love to hear your large goal for the month and your smaller action points that create your blueprint!


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  1. I think this is a great idea! I seem to overset goals myself, which never turns out well for me. Small little goals/changes to get to a bigger goal seems more doable.

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