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Detox Your Life: Days Three & Four

Welcome to Detox Your Life Days Three & Four!

On Day 1, we looked for patterns of negativity or discouragement that you give to yourself.

On Day 2, we focused on refreshing yourself when you start to feel negative.

Day 3 and Day 4 focus on reflection and awareness. This combination is a powerful tool to work into your daily routine, which is why I give it two days in the very first week. Self-awareness and being able to reflect on your reactions to your patterns of discouragement can be very challenging, and many people choose to brush it off.

If you want to be successful with detoxing your life, you cannot just “focus on the positive”. Too many times, when I’m reading the hottest ‘self-help’ book, the advice is to simply focus on the positive. My problem with this tip is that you aren’t facing yourself, your personal habits, or environmental stimuli that contribute to challenges. You can focus on the positive all day, but until you’ve quieted that voice in the back of your head by recognizing it, acknowledging it, and helping it move out, positivity is not going to be genuine.

You can fool a lot of people, but you can never fool yourself. Remember, a detox is about recognizing negative influences and removing them completely from your environment – not just patching them up and hiding them away. To detox your life, you first have to start with you before removing negative influences. You have to realize what you really want, what you really need, where/when/why and how you stop yourself from moving forward.

The first step in any plan should always begin with your foundation and building from there. You cannot build a skyscraper on a swamp without a plan and understanding the core of the environment.

You can practice reflection by spending time in silence – I challenged the #FeedYourHappy Facebook Group to spend five minutes in silence. When that five minutes is over, ask yourself what you thought about, what dominated your thoughts, and how you reacted to your dominant thoughts. Did you write things down? Did you check the clock, absolutely bored with yourself? Did you hang out for a longer period of time?

My challenge is to add five minutes of quiet time to every single day. You can do this in the morning to set your goals and center yourself before you start your daily routine. You can spend five minutes at night to ready yourself to release the day and evaluate your activities. Or, like me, you can do both!

The more time you spend with yourself, in silence, focusing on what your mind is telling you, the more you will become aware of your patterns, when you need to refresh yourself to focus on your goals, and recognize internal stimuli that need to get put on a one way plane to Antarctica.


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