Camp NaNo Challenge

Motivation Monday: Camp NaNo!

Are you a fellow pen warrior getting ready for July’s Camp NaNo?

I am beyond excited to be doing Camp NaNo with you as well! I managed to write an entire book in June as part of my villains challenge for the amazing #AuthorConfession hashtag on Twitter, and I’m amped to write ANOTHER book during July.

Yes, my friends, that is outline to completion in one month, two months in a row, and bringing me to date to FOUR books finished and written so far in 2017. If I complete this, I will have written five books so far in 2017.

My big challenge? Being in the middle of an international move!

To accomplish my goal one more month, I have a plan. Truthfully, each WIP (work in progress) has probably been sitting in my head for so long that it’s written itself. This certainly helps. And, now that I’ve graduated from being a complete pantser to tiptoeing the line of plantser, I can say the process is definitely smoother.

Here’s how I write a novel in one month:

To start with, I use something in between the snowflake method, the three act/21 chapter method, and something I call the Missy Method.

Here’s how this works:

  • Come up with an idea
  • Write one sentence that describes the overall idea (think elevator pitch)
  • Write one sentence for each of the three acts inside of the novel
  • Separate those three acts into seven chapters for 21 chapters total
  • Write one sentence for each of the seven chapters inside of the three acts
  • Put on some Missy Elliot and examine those three acts because each one needs to have you put your thing down/flip it/reverse it

Yes, I went there. This helps me as I structure my three scenes – each must have climax, conflict, and resolution. And if the conflict is soft or barely moving, I put on my best trash bag, tie my hair up with an Adidas headband, blast some 90’s female rap and try to figure out how I can flip the action to create more drama.

Getting to this point takes me a few hours. When I am finished, I have an amazing outline that tells me what each chapter SHOULD accomplish to move the story forward, but doesn’t stifle my creativity so much that I can’t wing it a bit as well.

I write between 2000-4500 words a day, and I set aside time on the weekend to have writing blasts. Sometimes I am able to push up to 17,000 words before my brain shuts down.

If you want to follow along with me, I took my Best Month Ever challenge printable and made a special NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo edition (click to download the .pdf).


Why am I pushing so hard to write all of these books?

I have a notebook full of ideas that I’ve been wanting to write for years. And, I know that to be successful in modern publishing, you need a catalogue of books at the go. You need to keep your audience’s attention. I plan to release books every four months during my first two to three years.

I know that if I go in to my launch plan with 8 books at the go, that’s two years of releases. During those two years, I can slow down to writing one book every two months, thus producing another 12. In total, that will be five years of releases. While I’m releasing those finished/tidied/edited/designed/beautiful books, I can slow down to putting out books every six months and writing three per year, or two per year, or one per year.

Insane? Yes. It’s the blend of self-publishing mentality with traditional publishing representation and leveraging all available platforms.

Do you want to write with me?

Do you want to write and network with other business oriented authors, talk about how to build your author platform and have access to published authors and author success coaches?




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