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Motivation Monday: Get Your Ass Back Up

Well, hello there November! Are you ready for a Motivation Monday?

I think I hear a resounding, “Yes!”

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I featured a quote by Vince Lombardi a few months ago, but I couldn’t resist doing another! We’re getting close to the end of the year, which means many people are feeling defeated. Many people are looking back at the goals they set for the year and feeling frustrated.

My friends, don’t get down on yourself! It is absolutely never too late to start a new day, write a new plan, create a new goal, and start a new tomorrow.

We all have heroes and people we admire. Every single person we idolize has something in common – they’ve fallen down and they’ve kept going.  In the comments, leave your favorite story for a stumble that didn’t stop an influencer that you follow. Was it J.K. Rowling’s stack of rejections? What about Edison’s 10,000 estimated tries to make one lightbulb? Or Walt Disney being told Disneyland was impossible?

I want to hear what story you use to remind yourself to dust off and keep going.





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