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Sunday Reads: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!

Are you ready to Get Rich, Lucky Bitch?

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Happy Sunday! Are you ready to curl into a book this week? When I picked up Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, I wasn’t just ready to curl up, I was ready to make some changes. This book was highly recommended through The Female Entrepreneur Association, a membership club that I adore to itty bitty bits and pieces.

I picked it up thanks to Kindle Unlimited and started swiping through the pages on my daily treadmill incline session. The next thing I know, the treadmill slowed to cool down phase and jolted me out of my furious swiping. That was the fastest hour of my life. Possibly. I could be over reacting.

I am not really one to get down with manifestation. I think The Secret is a bunch of hogwash, and I laughed through the ridiculousness of the entire book. It kept saying the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and…I think you get the picture. The truth is that I DO believe in manifestation and that you will get from the universe what you put out to the universe, but you also have to do some work. You do not get what you want by sitting on your thumbs and saying, “I really, really, really, really want to win the lottery!”

Denise works through so much more than manifestation in these pages. She talks about blockages, appreciation, gratitude, recognition, and making sure your desire is well-intentioned. I found so much of what she was talking about in regards to money could be applied to other situations in my life – situations where I was giving too much, extremely loyal with little loyalty in return, sacrificing my goals, happiness, or intentions to take care of someone else’s, etc.


From the moment I opened Get Rich Lucky Bitch until the time I finished it the next day, I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of, “Oh my goodness,” “Well, no shit!” “Oh, THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!”

No joke, I was ready to kick ass and take names. I was fired up. Not only was I fired up, I began to approach certain issues differently…for the most part. I still had a moment of weakness where I had an extreme case of logorrhea due to work frustration. But here’s what happened, and I hate to say this to risk being cheesy, shit happened. Little pieces that were stuck and unmoving started to move. Could it have been coincidence? Possibly. But within one week, three outdated, extremely old, large vendor payments finally came in, some major contracts came in, and my attitude towards self-preservation strengthened.

If this was any other self-help manifestation mumbo jumbo, I’d probably tell you to not waste your time. I’ve read the rounds, I’ll include some on future Sundays, but I prefer good ol’ get to work and push type of non-fiction. I like analytical business books. I like books that have a strong methodology. I do not like books that make you feel like all you have to do is blow a kiss to the air and you’ll get a Maserati.

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch does not do that, it does not make false promises in its hallowed pages, nor does it overpromise what you can achieve. This is the most real, down to earth, in your face book on manifestation and how we create blocks to our own success through negative patterns.

I believe I tend to be skeptical as a fan of neurolinguistic programming and neuroplasticity. I love anything that has to do with brain training, brain science, reprogramming, or recreation of the patterns we have established in our subconscious. I can typically cut through the mumbo jumbo easily. This is why most manifestation books do not work – they don’t tell you that you have work to do, a little more work than wishing.

If you need a pick me up, some inspiration, some business change, some financial power, or just to see how to create your own luck for once, I would highly recommend picking this little ditty up. Seriously. Pick it up.




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  1. Now you have piqued my interest. I like reading non-fiction sometimes. I will put this on my ‘to read” list.

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