Purple Power mood board by girlvscity | www.girlvscity.com

Mood Board Monday: Purple Power

Wow! It’s been two weeks since I posted this stunning, fun, subtle citrus mood board.  Unfortunately, while working on some watercolor patterns, Illustrator went haywire. These were my first attempts at taking some basic watercolor textures and turning them in to repeats via Illustrator. I think I overloaded the program and after ten days, I just deleted the installation and It's a delicious summer mood board from Girl Vs. City | www.girlvscity.comreinstalled everything. The program would try to render the watercolor images and then freeze up, crash, and on the reboot, automatically reload the saved file, freeze up, crash, and reboot.

What was the pattern that froze me up for what felt like forever (and was forever when Illustrator is part of your bread and butter)? This little gem that I actually love:



I loved the way I was able to capture some of the quirks of the original painting. Funny enough, when I was painting, I didn’t anticipate doing x’s and o’s. I painted some basic flowers, streaks, squares, triangles, and a bunch of random squiggles. Before the program froze, I also snuck these out:

Dash dash water color pattern by Girl Vs. City | www.girlvscity.com Telephone Line watercolor pattern by Girl Vs. City | www.girlvscity.com

They weren’t for any specific mood board, just fun and experimentation. I suppose I should stick to my scheduled palettes to avoid complete break down. 😉

Frustrating to say the least! Today I was finally able to play with the citrus summer mood board. On Sunday, we went on a 22 km hike with another couple that we met at the Carnival parade in Marienplatz. We took the S-Bahn from Munich to Icking, hopped off at a small train platform overlooking the Alps, walked through a snowy pien forrest until we came to the Isar River, and then came up the Isar River canal to the hydroelectric plant and back up through Grudenwald Forrest and Pulach Forrest.

This walk was BEAUTIFUL. Grudenwald may be my favorite forrest near Munich now. I can see myself going there this summer to sit on the banks of the Isar and sketch or paint. I don’t mind walking the 5 to 7 km down there, either – there are biergartens along the way. 😉

After having a sunny day where we could walk in sweatshirts and not one thousand layers or be buried under the previous week’s snow, my heart was completely taken over by the forrest. This pattern came out today and was my homage to the beautiful walk.

aThe Woods Are Calling | www.girlvscity.com The Woods Are Calling | www.girlvscity.com

I did two quick color ways from my little bobble trees and I absolutely love them. They’re whimsical, colorful, odd, and playful. Even though my design flow was stunted the last few days with the crash, I’m really happy with popping out the one pattern!

The next mood board is monochromatic and based in purples. Introducing Purple Power!

Purple Power mood board by girlvscity | www.girlvscity.com

I’m not a fan of purple, which is one reason I created this mood board. I’m interested to see where it takes me. I think I’m going to take a walk through the high street for this one and just people watch. I’m not sure where to take the pattern and I’m afraid doing flowers would be too easy. I really think I want to push myself on this one!

Did you design with me? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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