Dear Reader:

I am beyond thrilled to meet you today and welcome you to my world.

Girl Vs. City is where I share what I love – living with grace, traveling the world, reading books, and being a domestic ungoddess tricking the world into believing I am capable of keeping another human alive. I am happily married in an interfaith/intercultural relationship.

I want to show my readers how to widen their world, travel with purpose, read with passion, enjoy the differences of cultures from all around the world, and how to continue to evolve in the great experiment known as life.  From time to time you will also get to meet my four legged furry child, Ramona.

My joy in life is working with authors, helping them become the best writer they can be while showing them how to own their business like a bestseller. When the books are back on the shelf, I help people around the world make a plan to design the life they dream about as an internationally certified Lifestyle Design and Goal Achievement Life Coach.

I am the CEO of a boutique micropublisher and I host the author platform building Facebook group, #HappyWriting. To say I adore books would be an understatement, and my parents will testify to this. As a child, they had to rebuild my closet into a custom bookcase that fit a few pieces of clothing.

I have a BFA in Communications from Indiana University – East, an MPW with a focus on Website Content and Creation from Chatham University, and I was certified in the practice of life coaching from the prestigious Symbiosis India.

I cannot wait to meet you. I love to talk to my readers on social media – you can find me on any platform at GirlVsCity. Don’t be afraid to reach out and strike up a conversation. If you would like to discuss business opportunities, sponsorship, personal one to one coaching, reviews, guest posts or interviews, please email me directly at dionne@girlvscity.com.

With love,

Dionne Abouelela

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