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Motivation Monday:

Don’t get spooked – but it’s October and we need some Motivation for this Monday! I truly adore this quote by Will Rogers. One thing we tend to do when having a desire to move forward (but struggling with action) is live in the past. We give so much power to yesterday that we fail […]

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Motivation Monday: Zig Zigler

Welcome to September and a kickstart for your Mondays, featuring motivation from Zig Zigler. When we are setting goals, sometimes we fail because we look at the wrong reason to have a goal. We set goals to GET something, forgetting that achieving a goal changes who we are. We become stronger, we become more dedicated, […]

Brad Whitford Quote

Motivation Monday: Make It Happen

Welcome to July and Motivation Monday! “Infuse your life with action, don’t wait for it to happen. MAKE IT HAPPEN.” Wow, isn’t that powerful? How often do we wait for things to happen, and then wonder why it isn’t happening for us? Today is the start of a new month and it’s up to YOU to […]

Camp NaNo Challenge

Motivation Monday: Camp NaNo!

Are you a fellow pen warrior getting ready for July’s Camp NaNo? I am beyond excited to be doing Camp NaNo with you as well! I managed to write an entire book in June as part of my villains challenge for the amazing #AuthorConfession hashtag on Twitter, and I’m amped to write ANOTHER book during […]

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Thursdate: Best Month Ever

Are you ready to have your best month ever? Today is the first edition of a new series on my blog – Thursdate. My Thursday blogs have one reason only – to have the best month ever! One way I plan to accomplish this in my own life is by dating myself. Every Thursday, I’m […]

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