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It's a life detox! 30 Days to clean your life at

Detox Your Life: Day 16

It’s never too late to detox your life, and here we are on day 16! We started with internal reflection, we moved into your visual environment, and now we are cleaning out your virtual environment! Yesterday we went through your cell phone and challenged you to clean out your aps. The response on my Facebook Page […]

Detox Your Life: Day Fifteen

Detox Your Life: Day 15

Are you ready to keep cleaning and minimizing for this month’s Detox Your Life? Today is a fun challenge, and one I highly recommend. Most of us have a smart phone, and that smart phone is loaded down with aps. We may use them, we may not – we may even hoard them. *Raising hand […]

30 Day Detox Your Life  with

Detox Your Life Day Ten: Get Undressed

We are really going to be working on creating a harmonious environment. When doing this, one thing you will notice is that you start to detach yourself from material possessions. Often times, we put value on physical objects or use physical objects to hold on to memories. This is okay, I’m not saying you shouldn’t […]

It's time to detox your life! Here's how on Day 9 |

Detox Your Life Day 9

Today I decided that I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to reward myself and do something nice as a pat on the back. Do you know what I did? I went and bought a small chocolate and caramel candy bar. Only later, as I was feeling guilty and decided I needed to add on ten […]

Travel Tuesday: The Story Behind The Photos at

Travel Tuesday: Just Be Free

It’s been a while since I’ve done a #TravelTuesday story, and they’re one of my favorite parts of my blog! This is one of my favorite photos from my first trip to India in 2011. The girls are having such a good time, enjoying each other, playing, getting some energy out, and they’re just free […]

Detox your life with

Detox Your Life: Day Eight

How are you doing with your life detox? We are now eight days in, which means you’ve made great progress! Give yourself a pat on the back and some self-love, I am proud of you. For the first seven days, we went through internal detoxing – negative words and thoughts, resulting patterns, why you do […]

#DetoxYourLife Day Two |

Detox Your Life Day 2: Refresh

Happy Day 2 of the Detox Your Life Challenge! If you want to know why I started the Detox Your Life Challenge, click here! How did yesterday go? Did you notice any negative patterns in your speech, times when you discouraged yourself, or missed opportunities for a pep talk? Since I am certified in emotional intelligence […]

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