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Girl Vs. City took a motorcycle roadtrip through India - find out more at

Growing guladaudee

This photo. Whenever I see it, I get chills. I will never forget this day, her smile, those flowers, or how bad my ass hurt. I took this photo in a chrysanthemum field somewhere in between Pune and Aurangabad in India. At the time, I was still heavily involved in fashion design and had discovered […]

What is Lifestlye Design? Girl Vs. City weighs in -

What is lifestyle design?

I am an internationally certified Lifestyle Design Coach. If I could get a penny for everytime some asks me what Lifestyle Design means, well, I may be a wee bit closer to one of my goals: driving a Maserati Quattroporte. Okay, okay. That seems a little snobbish and maybe a bit far fetched for a […]

What is a life coach? Girl Vs. City explains at

What is a life coach?

One of the questions that I frequently get asked when people find out what I do is, ‘What is a Life Coach?’ After I explain what I do, it’s often followed by, “Why would I need one?” I love to be asked these questions and I love to answer them. Sometimes, it’s easier to say […]

Girl Vs. City returns! Join in on the fun at

The Return

Why, hello there my darling friend! What’s that? Girl Vs. City is back in action? Yes, yes I am and I am so thrilled to be in front of you again. If you have been a long time follower, hello again. If you’re new to the show, welcome. Girl Vs. City started back in 2006. […]

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