Coaching for Authors

You’ve published a book? Fantastic! Let me start by saying I am so proud of you. It takes considerable time to dream up a story, sit down at a computer, and bleed that story out for the world to read.

If you are here, you may not be happy with your sales, your reader base (or lack there of), where or how your book is distributed, lack of events, or you may be struggling with your author platform. Helping authors succeed is my passion. I will help you love every day you spend with your book, turn your writing into income, get people to notice you as an author, or whatever your dream is.

I not only have a MPW from Chatham University in Professional Writing, I own and run a boutique publisher and author education company. I work with authors day in and day out. I develop plans, trainings, and tactics to help authors overcome their fears, challenges, and doubts, and get noticed. I won’t give you a magic potion, but I will give you the ingredients, the recipe, and the accountability partner that you need.

From pre-launch jitters to a post-launch slump, there is nothing you cannot overcome.  Are you ready to get off your ass and start kicking some? Contact me to get started with a complimentary consultation.


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