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#grow2017 with

#grow2017 with

Hey Readers!

What I’m about to say is madness – sheer madness. Until January 20th, I am going off the rails with my social media assessment. I am scheduling 20 minute one to one chats for only $5. Yes, you read that right.

Here’s why:

In 2016, I began my social media training courses for authors. I worked in-depth with a small core group. We took a deep journey through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and GoodReads. We chatted about our blog goals and how to tie our blogs in to our social media with less work and higher return.

Doesn’t that sound great? Less work and higher return.

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While developing these courses, I also relaunched this blog and gave myself a deep assessment on my social media.  I was surprised at how far we had come with Pen Name Publishing and I wanted to institute these procedures with my own pages. I put my theories and programs to the test on my own platform and I was blown away.

In only five weeks, I raised my Instagram followers by 1250, my twitter by 475 followers, relaunched my Facebook page without telling any of my friends and family, and took one YouTube video up to over 10,000 views. Okay, so it was a cat video, but still, that was 10,000 views in five weeks!

 I learned that I really am on to something and my programs work.

I asked the authors I trained how they were doing. One was brand new to Twitter and has amassed over 1000 followers. Another has used my blog scheduling course to recreate her outreach and has seen a strong stream of new readers that also interact and share her content on other social media channels. Our latest book cover reveal at Pen Name Publishing was our strongest yet with over 1800 views in the first hour alone.

I also have a client turning 60 this year who will be launching her first blog on the 15th. She is now an SEO master, Instagram princess and Pinterest queen. She has used my method to create a content schedule and has six months of blogs already in the queue. She can literally launch her blog and watch it work for itself over the next six months! She still has to tend to her social media but the time and attention she will give her platforms is minimized thanks to my automation program.

I know many authors have goals for 2017 – to write, to sell, to find an audience. And, I also know authors have egos that often times lead them to give up or doubt their potential. Usually, authors give up because they are overwhelmed, overworked, and not seeing the results they want.

Let me change this for you to start your 2017 off with a bang and to get those goals going.

If you are a blogger, author, writer, freelancer, or just want to increase your social media reach and aren’t seeing the results you want, take 20 minutes of your time and $5 of your money (let’s be honest, this will buy me a cup of coffee for our chat), and let’s sit down. I will look at your social media profiles and blog before we speak and then I will give you a rundown of your strengths and weaknesses as well as a customized five step action plan to increase your visibility.

It’s just that simple. It’s madness, I tell you, sheer madness. I usually do one session consultations for $45 – but I’ve seen in my writing groups where my fellow writers need a helping hand after a difficult 2016. I decided now is the time.

Are you ready to get a kick start on your 2017 #amwriting goals?

Here you go – just sign up for a slot below (PLEASE NOTE ALL TIMES ARE EST):




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