Why You Should Detox Your Life: Day One

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It's time to detox your life with GirlVsCity - www.girlvscity.com

Hello my friends! Welcome to May. Can you believe we have completed FOUR months of 2017 already? Wow! Where has the year gone? I hope you enjoyed the March #FeedYourHappy challenge and got to join me and my friends on Facebook. We’ve started the #FeedYourHappy group on Facebook. The idea is to get like-minded individuals who take no prisoners, jump at the beautiful opportunities life provides, and want to use every minute to make sure their happy is not a hungry…

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Thankful Thursday: Five Words

#FeedYourHappy, Challenges, Lifestyle, Thankful Thursday
30 Day #Feed YourHappy Challenge

Are you following my March 30-Day Challenge? If you are, then you know that today is the day you have to write five positive words about yourself. I’ve had a few emails about the challenge, which really excites me. I was a little bothered by a few messages. They said things like, “What if I can’t write five words? Are two okay?” and “Why five? That’s a lot.” Did your heart skip a beat as well? Did it skip that beat…

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Feed Your Happy 30 Day Challenge

#FeedYourHappy, Challenges, Coaching
#FeedYourHappy with www.girlvscity.com

Hi Friends! What a lovely day it is to be celebrating the start of March. I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are in the world, but for me, today was sunny, warm, and just felt full of promise. Over the last two and a half weeks, I have been busy devising my first #FeedYourHappy 30-Day Challenge.  The first is a general well-being challenge with a variety of daily tasks. In future months, I’m going to target…

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Give Yourself Permission

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#FEEDYOURHAPPY with this free printable permission slip at www.girlvscity.com

It’s Wednesday, which means we should be showcasing a woman who rocks. But, I want to do something a little different today. We will pick back up with introducing you to amazing women next week. Let’s call today Wonderful Wednesday. Yesterday, I sat down to write my Travel Tuesday post. Now, I have my blog posts scheduled out for a year, and I know that every Tuesday will be a travel post. I know that I should be putting up…

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Motivation Monday: Just Relax

Coaching, Motivation Monday
Relax & Feed Your Happy this #MotivationMonday with www.girlvscity.com

Hey friends! I hope you are having an outstanding day. Last Monday, I walked you through setting up short term goals on my less than aesthetically pleasing goal sheet. Last month, I also gave you some free printables that you can use that ARE aesthetically pleasing. I received a lot of great feedback from my readers on various platforms about the power of short-term goals. I am so happy we were able to connect and share our love of small…

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Motivation Monday: Setting Up Short Term Goals

Challenges, Coaching, Motivation Monday
The blueprint for success: www.girlvscity.com

Welcome to a new #MotivationMonday! A few weeks ago, I told you why I wasn’t making any New Year’s Resolutions. I also dropped some free printables at the bottom of that blog to help you with daily planning and monthly goals. Are you using these? I would love to know if they are helping you, or what features you would like on future printables! This month, I decided to drop the small printable and make my goals large enough to constantly…

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Women Who Rock: Esther Mead of The Itty Bitty Library

Woman Wednesday

Today’s Woman Who Rocks is a little off schedule. My sincere apologies, life can happen and we had a small cross with this post in related to getting images to share. I decided to steal a few that I love from our rocking woman’s Facebook page (and hope she does not mind). So far, I’ve been sharing some literary ladies. However, I want to include women from all walks of life. If you believe you are a woman who rocks,…

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Mischief on a bench

Travel, Travel Stories, Travel Tuesday
Do you want to know what these two are up to? Read the full story at www.girlvscity.com

Once upon a time, I wrote a Facebook status update that simply said, “I really want to take a road trip. Who has two weeks?” I thought it would simply fall by the wayside into Facebook history. But, this road trip was really important for me. I was just about to quit my job, hop on some planes, and take my first solo travel excursion for six months. I wanted to see the parts of the U.S.A that I had…

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Women Who Rock: Trisha Tobias

Lifestyle, Woman Wednesday
This Woman Rocks on Women Wednesday: Trisha Tobias of Trisha Tobias Editorial | www.girlvscity.com

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means – I’m going to introduce you to a woman that rocks. Today we will be featuring the amazing Trisha Tobias, also known as the #OwnVoices and #DiverseBooks editor over at my darling, Pen Name Publishing. Trisha came into my sights in the middle of 2016 as a young, hungry, well-spoken, educated and driven female. I knew I had to find a way to work with her – but little did I  know…

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Extreme peace and extreme quiet in Cambodia

Travel Stories, Travel Tuesday
Journey to Cambodia with Girl Vs. City | www.girlvscity.com

Look at this beach, will ya? I know that I posted a travel photo last week from Cambodia. My goal was to switch it up and give a new adventure each week without recycling countries back to back. This week, I failed – but look at that beach! Cambodia was the first country that I traveled to without doing any research past Angkor Wat. Truth be told, I was tired of traveling. I had spent 4 years in planes, trains,…

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