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Have your best month EVER with Girl Vs. City's Challenge Planner Template

Thursdate: Best Month Ever

Are you ready to have your best month ever? Today is the first edition of a new series on my blog – Thursdate. My Thursday blogs have one reason only – to have the best month ever! One way I plan to accomplish this in my own life is by dating myself. Every Thursday, I’m […]

What is Lifestlye Design? Girl Vs. City weighs in -

What is lifestyle design?

I am an internationally certified Lifestyle Design Coach. If I could get a penny for everytime some asks me what Lifestyle Design means, well, I may be a wee bit closer to one of my goals: driving a Maserati Quattroporte. Okay, okay. That seems a little snobbish and maybe a bit far fetched for a […]

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