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Purple Power mood board by girlvscity |

Mood Board Monday: Purple Power

Wow! It’s been two weeks since I posted this stunning, fun, subtle citrus mood board.  Unfortunately, while working on some watercolor patterns, Illustrator went haywire. These were my first attempts at taking some basic watercolor textures and turning them in to repeats via Illustrator. I think I overloaded the program and after ten days, I just […]

It's a delicious summer mood board from Girl Vs. City |

A Citrus Summer Mood Board

I don’t know about the weather where you’re living, but it’s been snowing for four days straight in Munich and I’m ready for a tiny hint of summer. Today’s mood board will give us a taste with a citrus summer. Mood Board Monday: A Citrus Summer I LOVE citrus fruit. I could eat grapefruit all […]

Mood Board Monday with Girl Vs. City |

Mood Board Monday: The Dance

Mood Board Monday: The Dance I don’t know about you, but Mood Board Monday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days. I love putting the boards together, and, deciding which one is the perfect board for the week. This project in general has been fun because I’m pushing myself to try different styles, different […]

Fly high moodboard from

Mood Board Monday: Fly High

I am really starting to love Mood Board Monday, and today’s theme of Fly High has my mind whirling with potential ideas! Last week’s mood board was super bright. Let’s refresh: I really enjoyed creating some bright patterns and working with extremely vibrant colors. I showed my finished pattern set to a client, and they […]

Mood Board Monday: Bright |

Mood Board Monday: Bright

Welcome to Mood Board Monday! It’s time to make your life bright. Over the last year, I’ve been building various mood boards based around specific themes to help with my artwork. This year, I’m going to share one of my mood boards with you each Monday. On Friday, I’ll show you the art work that […]

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