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The Return

Why, hello there my darling friend!

What’s that? Girl Vs. City is back in action?

Yes, yes I am and I am so thrilled to be in front of you again. If you have been a long time follower, hello again. If you’re new to the show, welcome.

Girl Vs. City started back in 2006. I was just a girl, out to be the voice for women everywhere that needed their own Bear Grylls when it came to navigating that Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale, Sephora’s never ending rows of colored bliss, and seasonal fashion. You stayed there with me and my little community quickly evolved to over 50,000 readers – and then my web host misfiled my renewal causing me to lose my domain. It was such a tragic day and the next two years were a series of battles and vultures trying to charge me six figures to regain control of my website.

I rebuilt on and started to talk more about travel, my dreams, my aspirations, my wishes for a better world. However, as I started to travel more, write about vacations, share tips and tricks, I saw a new side to travel blogging. I saw how many women would follow my blogs and musings simply because they wanted the lifestyle. I would constantly get comments about how great my life was, how much they wanted to be in my shoes, how much they wished they could do what I was doing. The first few times, I have to admit, I was amused and thought to myself, “Yes! This is the life!”

However, as they continued to roll in, I was saddened. I never wanted to be a travel blogger to make anyone feel like their life was less exciting or that travel wasn’t something anyone could do. I made the decision in early 2015 to take an official break from Girl Vs. City. I focused on my own life, my own wants, my own needs, and my business.

Girl Vs. City has been such an integral part of my life. After I completed my training as a Life Coach and became an internationally certified Lifestyle Design Coach did I realize how I could use Girl Vs. City for a positive experience.

For one, we don’t travel like many people I know. We take classes, we stay in locally owned businesses, we get involved in the communities, and we get outside of our resort. Through my experiences with travel I’ve learned how to widen my world and I want to help you widen yours! I will be sharing photos from my journeys that touch my heart, telling you the story behind the photo, and sharing amazing experiences that really impacted my outlook and love of life.

Secondly, as a Lifestyle Design Coach, I want to help you build the life you want. I will give you tips and tricks to get over your blocks, organize your thoughts and life, and start living in a way that makes you radiate appreciation and love for the cards we are dealt. No, life isn’t always perfect, but with grace and a plan, even the challenges on your journey can be fruitful.

Finally, I am what I call a Domestic Ungoddess. I am shocked that I have managed to keep my husband alive for four years of marriage. I will be sharing the fractional cooking experiments that turn out great, the occasional craft project that actually looks halfway decent, and other miracles of life that make my personal lifestyle plan appear perfect.

Now, I want to make sure you know that  these will look great – I’ll frame them with care, I’ll light them to perfection, and I’ll take 500 photos to get the dozen that I show to you. The other six days of the week are likely a disorganized hot mess. Enjoy the perfection in these photos but also understand life is not a perfectly orchestrated photo.

There’s the final plan! With this relaunch of Girl Vs. City we will be widening your world (#widenyourworld), we will be designing our lives (#GratefulLiving), and we will be celebrating our domestic wins (#DomesticUngoddess).

I will supplement here and there with musings as they come – thoughts, poems, short stories, inspiration, good books that I’ve read, good writing in bad books, etc.

I hope you are as excited for this new beginning as I am.

To my old friends, welcome back. To my new friends, welcome.





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I believe in living passionately, chasing your dreams, breaking bonds with whatever holds you down and living the life you were meant to live. I love anything that shines, is fuzzy with four legs, and picking vacations by throwing a dart at a map.

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