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Detox Your Life: Day Eight

How are you doing with your life detox? We are now eight days in, which means you’ve made great progress! Give yourself a pat on the back and some self-love, I am proud of you.

For the first seven days, we went through internal detoxing – negative words and thoughts, resulting patterns, why you do this, when you do this, and self-recognition. We talked about the importance of finding quiet time to reflect, and the importance of recognizing when you need to refresh.

For the next week, we will detox our immediate environment while continuing to practice the internal activities we learned last week. After we pass through this week, we will combine everything for the final two weeks – daily refresh and recognition, cleaning your environment, and scrubbing your internal voice.

When you first noticed that you spoke or thought a negative word on day one, where were you? That’s the target of today’s exercise. If you were in your office, if you were in your car, your kitchen, your bathroom, etc., it doesn’t matter. Today, I want you to go back to that place and toss out one thing you don’t need from that location.

If you can’t get there today, toss out one thing near you right now that you don’t need, that you don’t use, and that is creating clutter.

Why are we doing this? Negative patterns begin and feed in specific locations. Once we have one negative thought, it’s easier to slip ourselves into another, and another, and another. As we move on, we need to clear the air around us and welcome positivity. The act of throwing away just one item is symbolic of cleansing that area. It’s a little mind over matter joojoo. Doing this will allow you to start the process of cleaning that area. There is a strong chance that if this is the first location you noticed negativity spill forth at the start of this challenge, it’s also the strongest source of challenging thoughts.

Detox it!

Drop a photo or comment below with what you tossed, how it made you feel, and if you agree that this location is a strong source of negative thoughts.




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