Detox Your Life: Day Fifteen

Detox Your Life: Day 15

Are you ready to keep cleaning and minimizing for this month’s Detox Your Life?

Today is a fun challenge, and one I highly recommend. Most of us have a smart phone, and that smart phone is loaded down with aps. We may use them, we may not – we may even hoard them.

*Raising hand as a digital hoarder*

Last week, my phone crashed. I use my phone constantly due to work. I connect with the authors in my publishing house through Slack, I connect with my clients through messaging and email, I take notes in aps, I have meditation timers and workout coaches, calorie trackers, Netflix, photo editors, quote makers, and don’t even get me started on the amount of social media accounts I manage for work.

When my phone quit charging, I did a factory reset. I was a bit gobsmacked when it asked to reload aps on my phone – some of the aps I was sure I never used, let alone opened. My dashboard was always organized, but I never realized how many aps I scanned through daily. Even if your clutter is well-organized, it’s still clutter!

Today’s task is simple. Clean out your phone! Do you use those aps? If you’ve never opened it, drop it. Take it off. Like every challenge we’ve done so far, it’s about organizing every aspect and living with function and purpose. The less clutter, the better!

I would love to see your before and after of your phone cleanse. In the comments, drop a side by side screenshot of what you accomplish!

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