Make 2018 Elite: Feed Your Passion

Girls (and boys that straggle over), let me tell you something: 2018 is your year.

It’s time to feed your passion, drop your worries, your fears, and be a boss.


Yes, friends, this is THE YEAR to celebrate yourself.

One of my biggest challenges was that I feared my passions. I am so thankful for the internet, because you can celebrate your skills and find likeminded members to build a community of positivity. Looking back, I feel silly to have ever been ashamed of my love for creating art, being a book nerd, or desire to see every inch of the world.

My art is my meditation, my books are my work, and my travel is one of the largest influences in my life. Travel has given me inspiration, education, adventure, and experience. Different cultures have changed my views on many topics, and provided me a new lens to objectively view the world.

My number one tip for YOU to help guide you down this journey of finding and celebrating your passions is to fight your fears. I’m going to spend 2018 focusing with you on Feeding Your Passion and Living Without Fear. Yes, I know by all logical grammatical sense, those phrases should not be capitalized. I want them to be capitalized in your life, though.


To move forward, you need to start with two tasks: define your passion and find passionate people.

Don’t fret. I’ve made a fun little printable for you to make some notes and start moving on this new path to a happier, healthier, newer version of yourself.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD, and share your answers with me in the comments or on Facebook!

Feed Your Passion | Free Printable from www.girlvscity.com
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD, and share your answers with me in the comments or on Facebook!

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I believe in living passionately, chasing your dreams, breaking bonds with whatever holds you down and living the life you were meant to live. I love anything that shines, is fuzzy with four legs, and picking vacations by throwing a dart at a map.


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